There are different myths which revolve around sex and people’s attitude towards. For instance, in most cultures, sex is considered as something male-centric or illusive. It is very unfortunate that many people are still misinformed about it even in the current century. This article has highlighted the main myths about sex. They have been compiled together to set the record straight.

All people have multiple orgasms

Well, some women have multiple orgasms but not all. Some women will find their vagina and clit extremely sensitive after reaching orgasms such that they do not want anyone to touch it again. However, some women enjoy that sensation, and they love it.

Men always think about sex after every seven seconds

There are no facts to support this. It would extremely be impossible for men to concentrate if they think about that often. The truth is that men think about it more often as compared to women. A study that was conducted at Ohio University in 2016 revealed that female students thought about sex ten times in a day while their male counterparts thought about it nineteen times in a day.

Orgasm is not the only goal during intercourse

Many people focus on having an orgasm instead of enjoying sex. Sex is much more than just orgasm. Sexual intimacy is what everyone feels pleasurable. Each sexual encounter should be adventurous. You should not feel dissatisfied if you do not arrive at orgasm. Poor stimulation should also not make you feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied.

All women orgasm

This is not always true. In fact, some women experience anorgasmia. Such women cannot orgasm. These women can still enjoy sexual pleasure. The size of a person’s penis can be determined by the size of shoe he wears. Some people believe that the foot of man is an indicator of his penis size. However, this is not the case since there is no correlation between feet and size of the penis.

Orgasm can only be achieved through penetrative sex

It s believed that women experience orgasm once their clit gets stimulated. This is true. About seventy percent of women can only achieve orgasm through clit stimulation. Additionally, orgasm is also determined by the women’s position during intercourse. Other women will achieve it when their G-spot gets stimulated. Those women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm are encouraged to use a small vibrator to stimulate their clit. This will help them in increasing the chances of having an orgasm.