Enhancing your figure with corsets

Every body type is beautiful and never let anybody say otherwise. When you have a beautiful body, then you should flaunt it. A woman’s body is a sensual thing and moreover, even sexier when they flaunt it. There are lots of figure-enhancing clothing, but what works best is the corset. For an hourglass look, a corset will cinch you at the waist and make your body look even more amazing than it is. Wearing corsets out are now a thing, made famous by the Kardashians. It will enhance your body shape and amp up your sexiness. Corsets come in two basic types; the underbust and the overbust. They have different styles and characteristics. To help you out in your endeavors in choosing the best corset for you, here are a few things about their different types.

Underbust corsets

fvsk255The underbust begins directly under the breasts, which is self-explanatory by its name. They don’t provide support for the breast, but they do provide you an hourglass shape. They can be worn as undergarments or outer garments.

Waist trainers

This underbust can be beneficial for your health by supporting your back, improving your posture, and strengthening your core muscles. A waist trainer can be used while working out to maintain a good figure or even lose weight if you wear it throughout the day.


This underbust has a unique shape to it. It is one of the shorter underbust which has a pointed silhouette. The silhouette takes it shape because the sides are short whereas the center is longer.


This vest-like underbust has straps and provides more coverage. This type is usually a lace up one that is traditionally used as outer garments worn over clothes. It also gives extra support for the entire back and also the shoulders.

Overbust corsets

dnfwu6491Overbust corsets are the ones that cover your busts until just above the hips. These also can be used under or over your clothes. They can be used as the top of your elegant evening wear by pairing it with a beautiful skirt or just as a sexy undergarment that supports your breasts and back while giving you an enhanced waistline.

Lingerie corsets

These overbust are usually the ones you wear for underwear since this type is quite revealing. It is a fun, naughty and sexy corset usually adorned with lace, beads, and strings.

Cupped corsets

These overbust lift up your breast since it is equipped with built-in cups for the breasts. This kind of corset give better support since it has added pads, therefore, for ladies with fuller busts, these will be perfect for you.