Top Rated Sex Toys For Ladies

Women sex toys are meant for encouraging healthy sexuality among women. These toys are well designed with elegant designs and other power saving features. This article has compiled a list of awesome sex toys for women

Magic Wand- Rechargeable Hitachi

This is a quiet and a light toy which is used in maintaining powerful, rumbly vibrations. It has been in use for the last 47 years. It can also be used with an attachment head which is sold separately. This attachment is helpful in stimulating the clitoris for maximum pleasure. The plug-and-play options are rechargeable.


This is a sex toy which resembles the pore extraction machine. It is one of the best toys as far as sex toys are concerned. It is used in creating a seal around the clit. It is also used for sucking and causing vibrations on the clit for an enjoyable experience. This toy looks kinda cheesy, and it is rechargeable.

Lelo Iris

It has a blooming flower design which gives it a lovely look. The process of masturbating using a flower is girly, and many ladies love it. Ladies find the ridges feel great for their vagina. This toy is nine inches long, but it is still quiet. It is specially designed in different modes to ensure that the user has the desired organism. Its tip is curved, and this makes it ideal for stimulating the clit. Additionally, its fake vibe petals make it one of the best options for providing internal stimulation. It is also rechargeable.

Eva dame

This is a first hands-free vibrator which works or performs without being tucked into or strapped on the lingerie. Instead, the user is supposed to tuck her arms under the labia and then position its motor over the clit. It is waterproof, and it can be recharged using a USB cable. When it comes to Aesthetics, this toy is considered to be very cute.

Je Joue Mimi-Soft

This is a toy which has a sleek shape which makes it fit compactly and easily in your hand. This means that the user does not have to struggle when holding it against her clit. Again the user can easily control its angle when it is in use. The good thing about this toy is that it can be charged very fast and it is designed with different vibration patterns and speeds. This makes it useful to the user as she can easily customize her orgasm. It is also made using a super-soft silicone which makes an ideal ‘pillow’ for the clit.

Tango We-Vibe

It is a bullet shaped vibrator which produces rumbly powerful vibrations. This makes it great for stimulating the clit. It can be used easily during intercourse due to its small size.